Accredited agencies for China adoption

Currently the China adoption program is effectively closed because of the Covid 19 pandemic. If and when the program re-opens, the field of available agencies will have changed quite a bit. As the number of international adoptions plummet, the financial cost of accreditation has become too much for many agencies. When I was conducting research for the Mine In China book I kept a list of thirty agencies which most people used when adopting from China. Seven of these agencies have relinquished or declined to renew their accreditation. Here is the updated list as of IAAME’s listing in November 2021.

  1. AAC
  2. AA
  3. Agape
  4. AGCI
  5. ATWA
  6. AWAA
  7. BAAS
  8. Barker
  9. Bethany
  10. CAWLI
  11. CCAI
  12. CHI
  13. CHLSS of of Minnesota
  14. Cradle of Hope
  15. Dillon
  16. Faith
  17. Gladney
  18. Great Wall
  19. Hand in Hand
  20. Hawaii International
  21. Heartsent
  22. Holt International
  23. Lifeline
  24. Living Hope
  25. Madison
  26. Nightlight
  27. Small World
  28. WACAP
  29. Wasatch
  30. Wide Horizons

4 thoughts on “Accredited agencies for China adoption

  1. anonymous

    Thanks for the list. I’ve been praying that someday, soon, China adoptions will start up again! Out of curiosity, I’m wondering if you have any information/guesses about how likely it is the families in process will be able to travel to bring their children home, or if that isn’t ever going to happen? I am also worried for the older children who may age out before they ever have the opportunity to be adopted, due to the program’s pausing. Will anything be done to help them? Thanks.

    1. minefam Post author

      I don’t have any information about whether matched families will ever be able to travel. China has seemed to indicate they intend for it to happen but not until they feel the Covid situation is under control. Regarding the aging out children, there was a change to the law. I believe under the new guidelines if they are matched before their 16th birthday they have until age 18 for the adoption to be completed. There were also two aging out children who were adopted using a proxy and are still in China until their parents can travel.


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