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What I’m Reading #23: Stop AAPI Hate Edition

In the aftermath of the Atlanta, Georgia shootings there has been a lot of great articles examining what it’s like to be Asian in America. As adoptive parents, it is so important to understand that your child is Asian and will always be seen as such. A surprisingly large amount of adoptive parents insist that their child will never face any issues because they will raise them “not to be offended over everything” and “away from identity politics.” Please listen to the perspectives of adult adoptees and Asian Americans even if you find it uncomfortable.

For young Asian Americans like me, the rise in hate crimes reinforces a lifetime of racial trauma by Kami Rieck, Boston Globe.

As a transracial Chinese adoptee who grew up in a predominantly white city in Indiana, my identity was formed around racial slurs, racial comments, and racial stereotypes. . . The adults I looked up to as a young girl failed to label the discrimination I experienced as racist or sexist. How was I supposed to understand what I was encountering?

Coronavirus: Fear of Asians rooted in long American history of prejudicial policies Berkley News

The question Asian Americans hate to be asked: “Where are you from?” by Kurt Bardella, LA Times

If you’re white in America and your name is Joe, Kevin, Karen or Jennifer, when you meet someone for the first time, you aren’t asked, “Where are you from?” or “Where is your family from?” When you’re Asian American, it’s routine.

I grew up in the South as an Asian American. It was clear I wasn’t welcome by Cecilia Kim, Washington Post

After attacks on Asian American elders, here’s how to talk to your kids about racism against us by Suzan Song, NBC News

I often encourage parents not to wait for children to begin asking uncomfortable questions but to be prepared to answer them — or, better yet, to start uncomfortable discussions so our children don’t have to navigate their feelings alone when the inevitable occurs.

I Hated Myself For Not Being White For Most Of My Life. Here’s How I Stopped. by Sharon Kwan, Yahoo! News

My White Adoptive Parents Struggled to See Me as Korean. Would They Have Understood My Anger at the Rise in Anti-Asian Violence? by Nicole Chung, Time

A Target on Our Backs by Rachel Priest, Bitter Southerner

I will fight back against years of colorblind conditioning that told me bringing race into every conversation is racist. I will fight back against the continuously perpetuated stereotypes that Asians — and Asian women in particular — are subservient and quiet. I will fight back and call it by its name: The shootings were racist and demonstrated, in horrifying reality, what misogyny and the fetishization of East Asian women can become.

‘Am I Asian Enough?’ Adoptees Struggle To Make Sense Of Spike In Anti-Asian Violence NPR Morning Edition