Revised Mine In China this weekend!

One of the reasons I chose to self-publish rather than seek a traditional publisher is because it would allow me to easily update my book. I envisioned updating it every couple of years as the China program goes through minor changes. Who knew it would change so much within a year! So now, right around the one year anniversary of its release, a revised edition of Mine In China is being published. Here is what you can find in the revised edition:

  • It now reflects that China is currently not granting any waivers.
  • The US consulate in Guangzhou is now taking two days to process visas rather than one.
  • I have included information on the “former shared list” program in the chapter on understanding China’s file designations.
  • An explanation of the new law in China requiring agencies register as an NGO, as well as the impact it might have on the partnership program.
  • Some people told me that the process outlined in my book is a little different because of their special situation. I have added links so that American expatriates living in China and Canadians can now find groups for support.
  • I added a section listing common mistakes in notarizing documents.
  • In some areas I expanded sections, such as giving more ways to evaluate potential agencies.
  • I have updated links which have changed as well as added links to new resources throughout the book, including several which will help you to get a medical evaluation of a file for free.
  • I revised the text in minor ways to clarify points and to correct typographical errors.
  • Because I am committed to keeping Mine In China around the 400 page mark (it’s kind of ridiculous that I even have to write that) I tightened up the text in other areas to make space for the new information that I added.

If you have already purchased the ebook version of Mine In China, you can download the revised edition at no cost.

Unfortunately, if you purchased the paperback there is no way for you to exchange it for the newer one. As you saw above, the most major of the changes have already been posted on this blog so there is no reason to purchase a new paperback. However, I will be running the ebook on sale at Amazon Mother’s Day weekend so that you can get a low cost version. I know it’s not the same as a copy you can hold in your hand, but it certainly makes clicking through the links in the Additional Resources sections easier!


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