Mine In China in paperback

As promised, Mine In China is now available in paperback. It’s 400 pages! You can order it through CreateSpace here, as well as on Amazon. You can use the link on the sidebar to order either the ebook or paperback through Amazon, or even better, search for it using the Love Without Boundaries affiliate link. I do not have an Amazon affiliate account because I feel that LWB would benefit more from a couple of dimes than I would.


I do apologize that the paper copy is almost $15. This is almost entirely publication cost. I actually receive less per paper copy than I do from ebook purchases. However, the extremely good thing about having a paper book available is that you can request your local library order a copy. Libraries are usually happy to accommodate patron requests. I know I wasn’t the only one who browsed my library adoption section when we first starting considering adoption. Everything at my library about adopting from China was a decade out of date. With international adoption number plummeting, I hope that my book will help more people to consider the China program as an option. I know how many people are scared away by the term “special needs” and I tried hard to address all those concerns and more in my book. Requesting that your library purchase a copy is a wonderful way for you to advocate for more people to consider adopting from China. (Disclosure: I get about 30 cents if a library purchases my book, so I’m really not benefitting from this unless a couple hundred of you go storm your libraries).

While reformatting the book for print, I took the opportunity to upload a revised version of the ebook. If you have already read the ebook, it is probably not worth your time to download the new version. However, if you recently purchased the book or are currently referencing it because you are in process, please download the newer version. All of the changes were minor. To give a few examples:

  • Corrected the typographical errors which slipped through prior editing
  • Changed references to USCIS in Missouri to reflect their new location in Kansas
  • Added 3rd party dossier service preparation service info
  • Reformatted the 10 page annotated packing list to be easier to read

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