Websites you’ll need in process

At the end of every chapter in my book, I have a section called Additional Resources. This is where I give website, book, blog, or video recommendations to help you get more information on a topic. I wanted to share a sampling of these in one post to be a quick reference for people in process. You might want to bookmark or pin it to return to as you move through each part of the process.


Dossier portion:

General USCIS adoption site– This has links to information on all parts of the process. It includes sample wording which your home study should include for a special needs adoption, visa information, and more.

USCIS contact information– Information on how to call or e-mail to ask the status of your case. Remember that the officers themselves will answer the phone or e-mail. Be polite and limit the amount of times you contact them so that they can spend their time approving cases.

List of FBI approved channelers for the initial FBI fingerprints you will need for your homestudy

Adam Walsh list of state contacts for child abuse clearances

Chinese consulate jurisdiction listing for authenticating your documents

ePassportPhoto for taking passport pictures at home

123PassportPhoto for printing six copies of a scanned passport photo on an 4×6 photo

USCIS I800a application form page.  Complete the G-1145 to receive a text notification that your form has been received.

China’s public holiday schedule – because once you send off your dossier you will suddenly want to know when the CCCWA is closed!

You can find more information in my blog post Tips for completing your homestudy and dossier


Matching portion:

Agency provided list of International Adoption doctors and clinics for file review

Listing of all OneSky (formerly Half the Sky) affiliated orphanages

Listing of Love Without Boundaries foster care locations

Ladybugs and Love from Above– updates and care packages

Anne at Red Thread China– updates and care packages

Brian Stuy’s finding ad service

The MDGB Pinyin to English dictionary– for looking up the meaning of your child’s name

Post-LOA portion:

There’s Always Hope courier service for visas

NVC contact information – for GUZ number and RTF

US consulate in Guangzhou holiday closure calendar

US Department of State visa status tracking site for Article 5 processing

Travel portion:

Quick reference of Chinese words and phrases with audio for adoptive parents

US State Department’s China travel page includes information on recommended immunizations and more

US Customs and Border Protection money declaration if you are carrying more than $10,000 out of the country jointly with your travel partner

US State Department passport application and renewal forms

US Embassy in Beijing’s pollution monitoring website

US State Department website providing pollution data for 5 major Chinese cities.

US Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to notify the Embassy of your in-country travel

A guide to hotel terms including bed measurements like the confusing Chinese “twin” bed

Hong Kong Airport Express guide for getting to the airport from a Hong Kong hotel

Websites for information on booking your own in-country travel:

The Man in Seat 61

China DIY Travel


Once You’re Home:

American Academy of Pediatrics screening guidelines for internationally adopted children

AAP statement on helping foster and adoptive families cope with trauma, to help you advocate for better medical care for your child.

USCIS page with contact information for Certificate of Citizenship

Form N-565 to request a replacement Certificate of Citizenship

Social Security website on getting a Social Security number for an internationally adopted child

Information on obtaining a passport is found on this State Department page on the US Child Citizenship Act of 2000

State Recognition of Intercountry Adoptions Finalized Abroad on

IRS website on the adoption tax credit

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