What I’m Reading #6

I’ve saved up a lot of articles for you!

Beijing Today- Child Abandonment China’s Growing Challenge discusses rising levels of child abandonment, the increasing birth defect rate, and informal domestic adoptions.

Beijing Today- Hukou Snares Independent Moms This article focuses on unmarried women but not having hukou is also a problem for those domestic adoptions which happen outside of China’s legal system.  I posted a related article on the China 101 page, Boy Receives Hukou After 13 Years.

Short video about the many different foods the Chinese eat for breakfast.

I link to the resources at Creating A Family quite often. In honor of their one millionth podcast listen Dawn has compiled their top ten most listened to podcasts. Go by and find some new favorites or listen to a brand new interview with Dr. Karen Purvis.

An article from Forefront, a suicide prevention organization discussing why adoptees are at higher risk for suicide.

Photo essay at the Shanghaiist of American fathers with their adopted Chinese daughters.  It is interesting to read the Chinese perspective on this.  Although the article doesn’t specify that boys are available to adopt now but parents continue to prefer girls, it does note that “In many American parents’ eyes, Chinese girls with long hair are very cute.”

The 35th anniversary of the one child law(s) in China prompted some media attention.  NPR has a radio interview with 30-something only children in China.

The Washington Post ran an opinion essay from an American adoptee “China’s one child policy led to my adoption–and a more privileged life.”  I was a little disturbed by the title.  I really don’t want us to have the idea that it’s fine for poor children to be adopted into rich families because they gain material wealth or other opportunities.  Would you give up your family of origin for air-conditioning or a college degree? Maybe it depends on your family.  The actual essay was much more nuanced, with Ricky acknowledging the complexities of her situation and choosing to focus on the advantages of her adoption rather than focusing on her losses.

Still, a good counterpoint to Ricky’s essay would be to watch this short (35 minute) documentary. Mandy was in my DTC group during our first adoption, though she was a bit behind me in the process.  Her husband created this documentary which really captures the emotional highs and lows of the process.  I really appreciated how much Mandy understood and acknowledged her daughter’s losses.

From Love Without Boundaries, Why Don’t More Foster Parents Adopt?

Finally, my last post on dissolution was one of the most read in this blog’s history.  It is clearly a topic that people are interested in at the moment.  I’ve added two more links to the post.  From NHBO An Uncertain Journey With A Certain Guide which is written from a faith based perspective on why you should continue on when your adoption seems harder than expected.  Also, the second half from I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go which discusses older child behaviors in the early days home.

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