Thinking About My Blog

I started this blog to write a few posts to family and friends about our adoption and to keep a record of our adoption trip to China as a family.  I didn’t plan on continuing past a few updates after we returned home.  And that’s pretty much it for the first year of blogging.  In the second year, I had a few things on my mind and I started writing some posts on adoption in general.  We moved, we attended to Leo’s medical needs, and I concentrated on finishing up a graduate degree that I’ve been working on since before we began Leo’s adoption.  Blogging has been thin as I neared the end of that, but I did write a number of substantial posts sporadically during my second year of blogging.

Now that I have a little bit more extra time, I’ve been considering–do I continue to blog?  Posting the What I’m Reading posts were me dipping my toes back into blogging.  I am happy that many of you seem to like reading my posts.  I must warn you that I will never become a regular blogger.  I’m not interested in promoting the blog, keeping track of my stats, writing filler posts to keep my readers interest up, or dabbling in amateur photography.  But if you don’t mind my posting nothing until I have something to say, then I think I’ll keep it up.  I have several more topics I think I’d like to write about.

I was discussing this a bit with a friend who is a more regular blogger than myself and she suggested that I start a Facebook page for the blog.  Being not very internet savvy, I have not considered doing that previously because first, I don’t follow the blogs I read on Facebook myself so I wasn’t aware that’s a thing, and secondly, because in my head I was always done blogging until I had an idea for just one more post.  I have since realized that blog commenting has really moved to Facebook and I do generally get more comments on posts via my personal Facebook account than I do on posts.  So I have started a Facebook page for Mine In China.  There is a widget on the sidebar of the blog, or you can click here to go there directly if you are like me and prefer following blogs by a reader.

To summarize–new content will continue at my irregular schedule and now there’s a Facebook page for the blog if you’re into that.  Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Thinking About My Blog

  1. kristinelaineking

    I’m a mom currently in the process of a China adoption. I stumbled on your blog early in the process & have read through all of it & sent links to it to friends considering adoption. I appreciate the knowledge & practical wisdom behind many of your posts!


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