7 Quick Takes Friday


I’m a longtime reader of Jenn Fulwiler, and I thought her 7 Quick Takes would be a great way to give you guys a quick update.

#1- Guess what?  We moved to a different state and I didn’t tell you!  


We were in the process of moving when I posted Leo’s 6 month update.  I wasn’t sure how Leo would do with the move, so I thought rather than muddy his 6 month update with moving news, I would just update you after the fact.

#2- Leo did great!

I was expecting Leo to have a tough time with more change.  Within the past year he was moved from his orphanage to a foster home, apparently was moved to a different foster home, was handed over to us, moved to a new country, and now has moved again.  I guess in retrospect, moving houses wasn’t the strangest thing that has ever happened to him.  He seemed to feel secure as long as his family was with him.  Now five year old Vincent, on the other hand, has not taken so well to the move.


#3- Leo loves his roommate.

We took the opportunity from the move to transition Leo from our bedroom to sharing a room with Max.  Before we got Leo, we weren’t sure how well he would sleep at first.  Many children wake often for the first few weeks because of the stress of the adoption and jetlag.  Leo was a solid sleeper, but then we had the upcoming cleft surgery.  After the cleft surgery, we were starting to have an idea that we’d be moving and decided to wait until after the move.  In the end, Leo had no trouble switching to sleeping in his crib in a new room.  He likes playing peek-a-boo with Max in the mornings but is a little disappointed that Max is more likely to roll over and bury his head under the blanket than to jump right up and help him out of his crib.

#4- Still working on speech therapy

It seems that the Early Intervention program in our new state is run differently than the one in our old state.  They are still determining if Leo will qualify for services, but it seems that he will only be able to receive speech therapy once a month.  I’m disappointed because he was making so much progress with his wonderful therapist in our former state.  He is continuing to add new words though.  This week he has started saying “the end” after stories and “night-night” to Vincent at bedtime.  We will continue to review our options.

#5- More on boy adoption

I was touched to get a link from my friend and mentor’s blog Home Is Where the Heart Is.  Please go read her very personal account of how her feelings gradually changed regarding adopting a boy.

#6- A new book to read

This week is the publication of Wish You Happy Forever by Jenny Bowen.  Jenny adopted a baby girl from China many years ago now and she was moved to start the charity Half the Sky.  Half the Sky has made a huge impact in how orphans are cared for in China, and the excellent care that Leo received at his Half the Sky affiliated orphanage is surely one of the reasons he is such a happy and loving little guy today.  So go read the book!  I also challenge you to watch this video and not get a huge smile on your face.

#7- Leo’s favorite new game

I was going to close with a picture of Leo playing his favorite new game with his brothers.  Max invented it and it’s called “Oh, my aching back!”  All of the boys, including Leo, lean over while holding their back and making moaning noises.  Unfortunately, I don’t seemed to have unpacked the cable to upload pictures from my camera yet so I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination!

1 thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Jamie Seymour

    I just wanted to leave a quick message to let you know I read your update about the move. I was so pleased to hear how well he took the transition to your new home. I did hate to hear about therapy only being monthly, but have no doubt that he will continue to make progress regardless. Please never hesitate to email me if your have any questions. I would be happy to help in any way I can. It really was a pleasure to work with your family and see Leo make so much progress in such a short period of time.


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