Meeting Leo

As you probably knew, today really dragged by. This morning we ate another big breakfast, then Matt and Linda took the kids swimming while I did laundry. Lots of laundry. After that we just sat around played cards or things like that until 2:30 finally rolled around. Denise came with the van and we drove to the Civil Affairs building. Leo was already there, and Denise was actually trying to drag us in because Matt was trying to show Linda how to use our camera to take a video. Then we went in, and there he was!


We spoke to him and gave him a sucker. Matt tried holding him first and he started to cry. Then I took a ball out of the backpack and distracted him with that so he ended up in my lap. We passed him back and forth as we filled out guardianship papers and the children talked to him and rolled the ball with him. It really wasn’t long at all until we were out of the Civil Affairs office. We will come back tomorrow to finalize the adoption. Today we are his guardians for a 24 hour “harmonious period.”


Denise then took us to a local store so we could buy any baby supplies we needed. I brought some of the clothing that I had packed and it seemed to fit fine, so we mostly bought some snacks for him. Then we headed back to the hotel. Leo was mostly withdrawn in the van and at the store, looking around with a hesitant look on his face and not saying anything. Once we got back to the hotel he looked around at the tv and beds and burst into tears. He just cried and cried for probably 10 minutes. Matt left with Denise to get some food. I changed his diaper and then offered him a box of milk. He was very thirsty and gulped down the milk. After that, he seemed to really settle in well. He started playing with some of the toys that we brought.


After he had some food and more milk, he was having a lot of fun. He loved the giant green balloon and chased his brothers around whacking them with it. He was giggling and laughing. He liked Mary Evelyn too, and she got the only hug and kiss from him. He had a 10 year old foster sister in his foster home, so I wonder that helped. When it got close to his bedtime he started yawning and rubbing his eyes. We got him changed and he sat on my lap while I read Frog and Toad to Vincent. I stood rocking him and patting his back for a bit and then put him in the crib. He was asleep about one minute later. We definitely had a good first day together.


6 thoughts on “Meeting Leo

  1. Uncle Joel

    Aunt Heather, Lyndie, Michaela, and I are so happy for all of you! We’ve been reading the blog every day following along. We can’t wait to meet our new nephew/cousin!! Congrats!!!

  2. Jennifer Hnilo

    So glad to read your updates! and yes I have a cup of coffee by my side just as you had imagined of your readers 🙂 I am so glad to see you with your little Leo! He is precious! Can’t wait to keep following along!

    1. Karen Canty

      What a beautiful picture!! I am thankful that you all are together, ready to start building loving relationships with each other. I hope that you are able to enjoy lots of holding time.

      1. Karen Canty

        Oops–in my email, it only showed the first picture. Now, I have read the rest of your post. I hope that Leo continues to feel more comfortable with all of you. I’m glad that it was a good first day, even with the initial, very understandable, tears. Your loving reaction to those tears is what will help you to bond, and I hope that the bond comes soon so that you enjoy many more smiles, and much more laughter. God bless you all.

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